KRS Bordeaux Wine Tour & City Tour

KRS Bordeaux Wine Tour & City Tour


Welcome to KRS Bordeaux Wine Tour one of the leading wine tour specialists in Bordeaux for uniquely curated travel experiences.

Relax and let us transport you on a luxurious Bordeaux wine tour. Immerse yourself in the distinguished Bordeaux wine country with a personal guide and delve into the heart of the Bordeaux terroir. Specialized in private wine tours, sightseeing excursions in Bordeaux, and its region, KRS Bordeaux Wine Tour offers an authentic and intimate experience for all the world’s wine enthusiasts.

You will be guided by a knowledgeable local expert with a meticulously crafted itinerary to showcase the hidden gems of the Bordeaux vineyards and prestigious appellations. Providing you with an unforgettable journey, your guide will reveal the fascinating stories of the châteaux and winegrowing families that make this region so famous.

"Good wine is a necessity of life for me"

Thomas Jefferson

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Let us create a wine tour experience entirely tailored to your preferences. With our custom-made wine tours, we give you the flexibility to choose the wineries from the appellation you want to explore from our partner list, the grape varieties you want to taste and the aspects of Bordeaux viticulture that please you.

CUSTOM guided tours

Explore the treasures of Bordeaux and its surroundings on our carefully designed guided tours. Immerse yourself in the history and architecture of Bordeaux, feel the seaside excitement of Arcachon and discover the medieval beauty of Cadillac. Your private local guide will accompany you for an enriching and immersive experience.


We can also provide you with helicopters to save time during your transfers and private jets for your longer trips from London, Paris, Genova, Monaco, Saint-Tropez and other cities. For your leisure activities and location of residence, we offer a consultancy service and answer to your request with our connections.
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Explore the finest vineyards in Bordeaux

Let yourself be seduced by our guided tours of Bordeaux vineyards, where you can taste wines from the region and discover the different stages of wine production, from the vine to the bottle.

On our guided tours, we take you to discover Bordeaux‘s most prestigious wine-growing regions. In the Médoc, you’ll explore famous appellations such as Margaux, Pauillac and Saint-Julien, renowned for their powerful, elegant red wines. In Saint-Émilion, a UNESCO World Heritage site, you’ll be charmed by its medieval village and internationally renowned wines. The vineyards of the Graves will reveal white and red wines of character, while Cadillac and Sauternes will introduce you to a terroir conducive to the production of sweet wines.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of the cellars, admire the magnificent scenery of the vineyards and talk to passionate winegrowers, who will share their ancestral know-how with you.


Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Bordeaux wine and let your taste buds marvel during our Bordeaux wine tours. Meet the region’s wine gems and enjoy unique tasting experiences. From the powerful grands crus of the Medoc to the prestigious wines of Saint-Émilion, the distinctive wines of the Graves and the sweet wines of Cadillac and Sauternes, each tasting will be an amazing exploration of taste.

A sommelier will guide you through a meticulous selection of Bordeaux’s finest wines, revealing the flavors, aromas and stories for which this exceptional wine-growing region is renowned. Benefit from professional expertise for private tours with a certified guide and wine professional.

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a CUSTOMIZED wine tour experience

With KRS Bordeaux Wine Tour, each experience is specially made to meet your expectations. Whether you are passionate wine lovers, curious travelers or beginners, we offer you a quality service and a total immersion in the world of Bordeaux wines. We offer a private tour service and personalized advice on organizing your stay in the region.

Experience unforgettable moments in one of the world’s most renowned wine regions. If you have a particular wish, we will bring your ideas to life and create a unique experience. Contact us for a personalized quote.

Vignobles bordelais

Discover the history and culture of wine by visiting Bordeaux's wine estates

With KRS Bordeaux Wine Tour, rediscover the history and culture of wine like never before. Accompanied by the region’s best guides, set off to discover Bordeaux’s wine estates with a team of wine enthusiasts. Surrounded by professional guides, you can let yourself be carried away by our immersive tours while discovering the city’s historic heritage.

A custom experience that will give you a better understanding and appreciation of the history and cultural richness of Bordeaux wine. Our local expert will advise and guide you on this personalized adventure, giving you a unique and authentic experience at the heart of the Bordeaux terroir.

Treat yourself to an exceptional experience IN BORDEAUX REGION

In addition to visiting Bordeaux vineyards, we offer you the chance to discover the treasures of Bordeaux and its surroundings . Treat yourself to exceptional, timeless moments with our wine tourism specialists. Explore the beautiful city of Bordeaux, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its historic monuments, picturesque streets and lively squares.

Or take a trip to Arcachon to admire its sandy beaches and famous Dune du Pilat, or visit the charming town of Cadillac, home to a rich medieval heritage. With KRS Bordeaux Wine Tour, share an exceptional moment with your loved ones or your group !

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Enjoy upscale service and an intimate, small-scale experience. You’ll enjoy personalized service. Your expert guide is on hand to answer your questions and meet your needs. We will always strive to make your trip an enjoyable and memorable experience, and to connect you with the locals. You arrive as guests and live as friends.

For any occasion. However, it’s often for your honeymoon, an anniversary, a wedding anniversary, a trip as a couple, with friends or a need to relive the intimate experience of France that you cherish and may have known years ago.

To learn more about the history and wine-making process, and discover local grape varieties. You’ll taste exclusive wines and meet passionate winemakers while enjoying picturesque landscapes of unrivalled charm. Your lunch will be served in carefully selected restaurants. You’ll also enjoy comfortable transportation in a top-of-the-range air-conditioned vehicle. You’ll be met directly at your hotel in the center of Bordeaux and dropped off at the end of the day. You can relax and enjoy your day.

With a custom service, you can choose the length of time you want. You’re not pressed for time, and you can enjoy your time relaxed.

Everyone. For wine tasting, under French law, children under 16 are not allowed to drink alcohol.  Childrens under 10 years old are accepted if they are under the close supervision of a parent with the necessary equipment for their needs and to move easily around the wineries.

On average, it lasts between 45 minutes and 1h30 minutes.

Allow between 45 minutes and 1h30 during normal traffic hours, depending on the appellations you wish to discover.